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Blythe Haynes

a cocktailer's guide to surviving a pandemic

When you’ve got a hold of the bottle, it can sometimes feel manageable. But, if it gets poured down your throat and you don’t get to say stop, then very quickly you start to drown.

March 2020. The world shuts down and with it, Elle’s entire career as an actor. Shows are cancelled, contracts are put on hold and mental and financial stability are thrown out the window. So, she sets herself a task: a list of the world’s top 100 cocktails. Something she must work through to help keep her focused. Something to help rebuild a fractured friendship. Something to help her heal from a past that insists on haunting her. 

A semi-autobiographical one-woman show using cocktails to make hard stories easier to swallow. From the bottle to the shaker to the glass, it’s a story about how the world chews us up and spits us back out, but how ultimately we are given the gift in choosing how to respond.

Coming soon

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